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Taking salt tablets on the fly. Saltstick Dispenser ? Good Idea, Poor Execution ?

Good Morning, I am one of those guys who cramps alot and is always fumbling for salt tablets while on the bike. In the winter with full gloves I typically have to come to a full stop to get the container out to get to the tablets. I stumbled across [URL="http://www.saltstick.com/"]Saltstick ... Read More »

Camelbak Elixir or Hammer Nutrition Fizz or Saltstick

Elixir seems to have some undesireable ingredients, according to Hammer Nutrition, Saltstick is made in China so I am concerned about whether it is manufactured properly although it seems to be used by a lot of athletes, so does that leave Hammer Nutrition Fizz product by default? Also, on usage, ... Read More »


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$ 29.95
Capsule Dispenser 0
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$ 23.95
Electrolyte Salts 0
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$ 19.95
MINI Capsule Dispenser 0
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$ 19.95




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