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white Sapim CX-Ray Spokes?

Got 'em? Like 'em? I'm considering a custom build, and a friend threw out the idea of going white CX-Rays, black hub (Tune or CK R45) with blue nipples on Pacenti SL23, Conti tires. My Jamis is white, blue, carbon/black with a little silver. [ATTACH=CONFIG]275959[/ATTACH] Do the white spoke ... Read More »

Chris King R45 / HED C2 / Sapim CX-Ray (Looking for wheel builder.)

I'm looking for a wheel builder (who ships internationally) to build an R45/C2/CX-Ray 24/28 wheelset for me, does anyone have any recommendations? I found wheelbuilder and prowheelbuilder on the interwebs. I'm looking for any additional recommendations on builders who have these parts available, i ... Read More »

Sapim spokes cut to length ok?

I am in the planning stages of a new wheelset Hubs ordered, one rim on hand. I will be using DB14 spokes and I am biased towards using Sapim Race. I heard of a place called Danscomp that sells them pretty cheap so I called them and asked if they had the correct lengths (286, 288, 290) They told ... Read More »

DT Aerolite Race vs Sapim CX Rays

Besides the fact that DT Aerolites cost more and comes in white is there any difference between the two? I am considering Stans ZTR 340 with Extralight hubs. thanks in adviance!Read More »

Recommend me some spokes Sapim Spokes

1st time building wheels here. Ordered Velocity ESCAPE tubular rims with Velocity race hubs 24/28. Should i go with Sapim Laser Spokes @ $1.30 per spoke or Sapim CX Ray Spokes @ $3.20 per spoke (Neuvation) Any feedback pros/cons for those who have used them. Do you know of a vendor who sells them ch ... Read More »





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