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Review: Saris Freedom Hitch Rack

If you’re looking for a solid rack without too many frills that will get the job done, the Saris Freedom should be at the top of your list. It’s manufactured and assembled in the USA, and comes with a lifetime warranty.   Read More »

Saris Interbike Booth

Tim Staton shows us the latest products from Saris including the new for 2013 Axis 4-Bike, Freedom 4-Bike, Freedom Spare Tire rack and the European inspired Gran Fondo hatch rack   Read More »

Featured User Review: Saris T-Bones Bike Rack

Featured Review: Saris T-Bones Bike Rack by jefferyc Price: $285 at The Bike Rack Review Date: July 20, 2010 Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Value Rating: 4 of 5 Bike Setup: litespeed arenberg, mostly campy. cannondale six13, all shimano. Favorite Ride: the long wandering kind Summary: ...    Read More »

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Saris CycleGlide

Does anyone who owns a Saris CycleGlide know (or care to take a guess) at how far down from the ceiling the hook hangs? I have 12 foot ceilings in my garage, so I need to make sure my wife will be able to remove the bike from the rack.Read More »

Saris Traps

Anyone using the Saris Traps to secure their bike inside the back of their van or SUV? What keeps it from sliding around? The website lists dimensions but nothing about weight. I've been using a piece of wood with fork holders but the back of my minivan has just enough slope to it that no amount ... Read More »

Has Your Saris Bike Rack Damaged Your Bike?

I've had a Saris Bones type rack for several years and the thing works great. However, I never put my "good" bikes on it because I'm concerned about paint damage where the frame contacts the arms or perhaps where the plastic straps wrap around the top or down tube. Particularly on a very long driv ... Read More »

Saris / Powertap Service

Wanted to give Saris a :thumbsup: for their service. I have an 18 month old Powertap hub laced into a custom wheel. Power reading was getting erratic, I contacted Saris, and they said to send it in for a warranty service, even though it's 6 mos out of warranty. Did not ask for proof of purchase, ... Read More »

Saris Power Tap SL+

All my serious riding buddies that have coaches have been telling me one of the best way to improve performance is training with a power meter. Originally I was looking at an SRM or Quarq but the cost was quite high. I finally decided to pull the trigger on a Saris Power Tap SL+, laced to a Veloci ... Read More »

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