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Saw a new production street fixie today: SE Bikes

It was a nice looking street fixie with room for fenders. I tracked down their website, which is sebikes.com. I saw the blue and brown "draft light." It seemed like a very reasonable fixie for which the website lists a MSRP of $360. It looks like these guys mostly make bmx bikes, including compe ... Read More »

SE bikes

My LBS (Nat'l chain) carries SE bikes. I looked them up on the web, and they are primarily a BMX company, but they have a couple of SS bikes that might make decent commuters. The lowest end, the Draft, is a complete SS build, on sale for $199. They also have another model, the Lager, for a really ... Read More »


SE Bikes Product Categories

Commuter Bike

Lager 5
4   Reviews
$ 540.00
Tripel 0
0   Reviews
$ 380.00

Fixie Bike

Draft Lite Fixed Gear 0
0   Reviews
$ 329.99
Draft Single Speed 0
0   Reviews
$ 269.00

Hybrid Bike

Monterey 0
0   Reviews
$ 409.00
Palisade 0
0   Reviews
$ 359.00

Road Bike

Royale 0
0   Reviews
$ 589.00




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