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Selcof 68X Bi-Position Seatpost

Does anyone know where I can purchase the Selcof 68X Bi-Position Seatpost (alloy)? Reparto Corse is out of stock and I'm not finding it anywhere else. ThanksRead More »

Selcof MC10 Monocoque carbon handlebars

Dear all, I bought me a Selcof MC10 carbon monocoque handlebars to upgrade my beloved Trek 5500. [IMG]http://www.entro.com.sg/images/selcof06_mc10zen.gif[/IMG] The colorway even matches my bike colors. It will be beautiful when finished. As you can see I have already installed the handle ... Read More »

Selcof Seatpost Questions

Hello folks, I have a few questions about Selcof brand road seatposts. First, has anyone had slippage issues when using a carbon pillar Selcof post in a carbon frame such as Look? Second, how would you rate this brand of seatpost for setback, adjustability and durability? Is this a road se ... Read More »

Selcof Stems

Anyone know the rise and clamp height of the Selcof stems? Thanks.Read More »

Campagnolo seatpost or Selcof Seatpost?

I am deciding which one of these 2 makers to get for seatpost. Campagnolo Chorus Titanium seatpost or Selcof Seatpost? I am not worry about weight or cosmetic of the seatpost here, but for the clamp(the part that holds the saddle) which one do you guys recommend? Please advise Thanks! Howard Ch ... Read More »





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