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Dream Bike: $21K Storck Aernario Signature Edition

Looking for a place to unload all those capital gains after Wall Street’s banner 2013 run? Perhaps a new dream bike is in order.   Read More »

Ride Report: (Taint) Hammer of the Gods

In California’s San Joaquin Valley farmland, SuperPro racing promoter Murphy Mack makes the rain stop falling just long enough for 80 racers to fight wind, mud and broken pavement over 128 miles.    Read More »

From the Arctic Circle to Africa: A True Cycling Adventure

In 2013, Reza Pakravan pedaled 11,000 miles from the Arctic Circle to southernmost Africa. The journey took 102 days -- or roughly 107 miles per day for more than three months. Find out how he did it.   Read More »

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Schwinn - Signature Series Expansion

For this 2013th year, Schwinn appears to be expanding its Signature Series models of bicycles. This means that Schwinn appears to be distancing itself away from the big box store Schwinn models so often seen in the Xmart stores. Apparently, the big-box-store-low-quality image, has damaged the Schwin ... Read More »

Anyone else notice the signature line seems to have dropped...

..unless it has a quoted line in it? What, the hamsters ate the hyperlinks?Read More »

De Rosa Signature Model

I need a shoulder to cry on you guys.:cryin: I let a De Rosa Signature edition slip through my fingers the other day. On CL and i had the first appointment. Panto'd C-Record, all original the works. Low miles cared for condition. It came with an extra set of wheels. Very rare at only about 350 produ ... Read More »

Signature viewing off?

Is there a way, as on some forums, to set it so that signatures are not visible? EDIT: Found it in my profile preferences. Much more pleasurable to spend time here now. Now I can stop wondering what the hell a Klondike bar has to do with cycling.Read More »


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