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Silca Imperio vs other modern pumps?

I normally ride with CO2 - but now Im thinking a white Imperio to go with my white Bianchi Cd'I. Will I be wasting my money? I know I can get a much nicer modern pump for less? Ive never used a Silca so I dont have a way of comparing it. What do the combined brilliance think?Read More »

Silca pump question

See this description... [url]http://www.competitivecyclist.com/za/CCY?PAGE=BUY_PRODUCT_STANDARD&PRODUCT.ID=1132&MODE=[/url] What kind of grease would you use? Lithium grease probably ok?Read More »

Silca Super Pista pump

I'm thinking of replacing the gauge. Does anyone know if the current gauge fits the older pumps that had a rectangular base as opposed to the current pyramid shaped base?Read More »

Silca pump halp

I'm going to finally just buy a good pump. I'm tired of crappy $30 pumps. I think I'll get a Silca. My question>>> Do I need the Super Pista (more air per pump), or should I just get the original. Or whichever I can find for less? Wiener.Read More »

Silca Frame Fit Pump

For my 30 plus years of cycling I have been using a Silca Frame fit pump with a Campy head. I guess I like the way it looks and fits. I never really was able to get too much pressure into the tire. Enough to get me home. The other day I measured the pressure. Only about 50 pounds. Would I do bette ... Read More »


Silca Product Categories


Super Pista Floor Pump 0
0   Reviews
$ 167.90


Eolo Threaded CO2 Regulator 0
0   Reviews
$ 25.00
Pista 4
1   Reviews
$ 62.99
Super Pista Floor 0
0   Reviews
$ 167.90

Water Bottles/Cages

BC11 Aluminum 0
0   Reviews
$ 28.25




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