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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: When Money Is No Object

You know those Lexus “December to Remember” commercials? Well, screw that. If you’re in a tax bracket that permits the purchase of luxury automobiles as Christmas gifts, we suggest you skip the gas guzzler and instead shop from this list.   Read More »

Cinelli Prototype Laser Nostra Bike Being Auctioned for Charity

Check out this cool Cinelli prototype Laser Nostra bike that you can buy. It will be auctioned off for charity very soon and comes with very rich heritage.   Read More »

Veltec Sports partners with Prologo - the winning saddles of the 2008 Tour de France

(Carson City, NV and Boulder, CO) Veltec Sports, the company that markets and distributes some of the finest cycling brands, announced today the expansion of their product offerings to include Prologo, the Italian brand of saddles. Veltec Sports became the exclusive distributor of the complete Prol ...    Read More »

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So I'm reading "The Singular Pilgrim" and I found this sentence

"...a fiercely nationalistic [religious group] that was offended by the increasing secularization of the world, the revolutionary developments of modern science, and the diminished role of religion in state authority..." Sound familiar? Anyone care to guess the year, the place and the group?Read More »

Singular Peregrine... Bicycle Times Magazine

[url=http://www.bicycletimesmag.com/content/first-impression-singular-peregrine]First Impression: Singular Peregrine | Bicycle Times Magazine[/url]Read More »

Neo-Retro - Singular Osprey

Hi all, I hope you'll excuse me if this comes across a bit spammy, but as it's something which is not yet available and I thought might be of interest to this board I hope I might get away with it :-) I'm more of a regular over at the mtbr forums as the dirt is where my heart lies. However I ... Read More »

new Rig! Singular Peregrine [0]

Most of the Peregrines I've seen have been set up with drop bars, or North Road type cruiser-ish bars. I kinda figured that these would have potential as a retro-mod bike. I liked the level TT, the lugged construction and the room for 2.1" rubber at best. Yeah, kinda limiting, but the point of this ... Read More »

Spam Singular Peregrine on Ebay

I have a Singular Peregrine for sale on Ebay. [url]http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=170322268262[/url] great looking frame and fork just too big for me.Read More »

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