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Hey - Just purchased an Easton skinz long sleeve for the winter commute.

Yeah, it's finally gotten cold here in the mornings, breathing hurts, freezing riding to work. So I figured I'd get something to fight the cold. I went for some SKINS but the price was ridiculous $110 so I went to the local Ice Hockey retailer and they had Easton Skinz $40 the same compression. V ... Read More »

sweet skinz?

saw some sweet skinz tires in an lbs today. they were running about 35 beans a tire. anyone have any experience with these? the only thing i have read is they are hard to mount. i also noticed they didnt have a folding bead. yet. mtbr said they had some at interbike.Read More »


Skinz Product Categories

Bike Rack

Road Bike Protector 0
0   Reviews
$ 68.00
Softshell Travel Bike Case 0
0   Reviews
$ 250.00
Waterproof Rooftop 0
0   Reviews
$ 100.00




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