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Is Using Slime in Tubes Worth it or a Waste of Time?

I was looking to purchase more tubes and came across a review on Amazon where someone used slime to fill Presta valve tubes. I was wondering whether anyone who has used this product can tell me whether it helps to fix/prevent flats? Here is what I heard but can't confirm whether accurate or not: ... Read More »

Do you Slime your road bike tubes

Just wondering who puts slime in their road bike tube? Do you or don't you? Why?Read More »

pink slime- is it really that big a deal?

...with all of the recent media attention it's been getting, after all. i dont get it- it uses more of the cow and it's FDA-ok, so what's the big deal???Read More »

Anyone put slime in there tubes?

I have tried Stans in my tubes but it never seems to seal any thing. I usually just end up with it all over me and the bike. So I was thinking about trying Slime.Read More »

Does SLIME tire sealer work?

Hi guys, I am currently living in Korea and the roads here are absolutely littered with what looks like shrapnel...yesterday alone I picked out roughly a dozen pieces of bent/sharp metal (look like gigantic metal filings) out of my tires and have a flat rear tire. I'm pretty sure my front has a s ... Read More »


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12V Air Compressor 0
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Tires - Clincher

Tire Sealant 0
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Tube 0
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Tube Protector - Pair 0
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Tires - Tubular

Tire Liner 0
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Digital Presta Pressure Gauge 0
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