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New Smart ENVE System Aero Bar Ready For Primetime

First debuted at PressCamp back in June, ENVE’s New $1,365 Smart System Aero Bar is finally ready to ship. Here’s a look at all the details of these highly adjustable wind cheaters.   Read More »

Smart Wheel: Turns Any Bike Into An Electric Bike

Light weight, all-in-one design weighs nine pounds, has top speed of 20mph and lasts up to 30 miles.   Read More »

Interbike 2013: Devinci Imports Bike Share Features Into Smart New Urban Commuter

By necessity, the bikes used in rental bike share programs require a sturdy, somewhat portly build-level. Canadian manufacturer Devinci is one of the biggest suppliers of such bikes for programs.   Read More »

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Smart Phone or Desktop: How Do You Surf The Web?

Smart phones are making up 30% of Google internet searches (up 400% in one year) by Christmas they are predicting 60% of all Google searches will be coming from smart phones. Out numbering Desktops. What do you prefer? Smart Phone or Desktop (laptop): However only 90% of websites look good on Sma ... Read More »

NightRider Cherry Bomb, SMART, Planet Bike, Electron Rear Light Brackets - The same?

Does anyone know if the NightRider Cherry Bomb mounting bracket is the same as the SMART bracket? Anyone have both? NightRider don't sell the bracket on it's own, but from memory (I don't have both here to compare), it's pretty similar looking. Thanks.Read More »

Tires for Enve Smart wheels

I understand that the enve smart rims are wider than the std wheelset. What size tires would you pair with it? Do you go with the usual 23mm or something wider like a 24 or 25mm? Thanks.Read More »

IR Smart Pt. II

So I took the remaining GED tests today, Social Studies, Science, and Reading. Out of a possible score of 800 I got 800 in Science and Social Studies and a 750 in Reading. So for the five total tests I got four in the 99th percentile and one (math) in the 88th. I thinks that's an average of 96.8 :)Read More »

I R Smart.

I took the math and writing sections of the GED test yesterday. I'm taking these test cold with no studying (since I dropped out of high school in 1979). Math is my most suspect subject and I got a 620 (88th percentile) but when it comes to writing I guess there is no substitute for being (somewha ... Read More »

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