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SmartWool Flagstaff Bibs for $7

Saw that the deal for today at Performance.com is 15% off everything. Needing another pair of shorts, went to look. I see they have Smartwool Flagstaff bib shorts for $8, then 15% off. Now I know that many have very different thoughts on wool shorts. With these being a wool blend, along with t ... Read More »

NNC: SmartWool + Rain = FAIL

Or more specifically, if you're going to go out for a "quick climbing ride in between rain storms" don't wear SmartWool with heavily vented summer shoes. I had swimming pools by the time I got back. Now I wish I still had my ski boot dryers. Yuck.Read More »

shrunken SmartWool

My favorite new sweater, shrunk. Is there any hope?? It's still damp so I'm trying to stretch it out a bit.Read More »

Wool Liner Gloves - IBEX vs. SmartWool vs. IceBreaker

Looking for some wool liner gloves, to be used with a lightly-insulated windproof shell (GORE Radiator). I’ll be riding all the way down into the negative wind-chill range of Michigan winters. Nothing hardcore, just commuting a few miles. Has anybody used these liners, and have experience t ... Read More »

NNC: Smartwool saved my life this morning

well atleast kept me from getting black frostbitten toez...a *frigid* 40 degree commute and my low end specialized mtn bike shoes are very ventilated so I wore my smartwool socks for the first time and they are a godsend! i need to get the stepson some ear muffs tho, his ears were beat red and he k ... Read More »


SmartWool Product Categories


Balaclava 0
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Headliner Hat 0
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PhD Cycling Light Mini 0
0   Reviews
$ 14.99
PhD Cycling Ultra Light Micro 0
0   Reviews
$ 13.95
PhD Cycling Ultra Light Mini 0
0   Reviews
$ 77.54
PhD Cycling Ultra Light Mini Womens 0
0   Reviews
$ 14.99


Knee Warmer 0
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