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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Digital Cameras For Cyclists

Step up your cycling photo game with one of the ten cameras in our Holiday Digital Camera Guide. They all fit in a jersey pocket, most of them have built-in Wi-Fi, and they're all better than your camera phone.   Read More »

New Lance Armstrong Movie Trailer

“I like to win. But more than anything I can’t stand the idea of losing.” That’s the opening line in a trailer for a new documentary The Armstrong Lie from Sony Pictures. The film promises to go inside the depths of deceit that filmmakers call the greatest deception in sporting history.   Read More »

POV Action Cam Shootout - Which Camera Is The Best?

Laugh all you want, but Photo-John's new helmet is the ultimate POV action cam test rig and this shootout is the ultimate POV camera test.    Read More »

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Sony Makes "GoPro Killer"

[url=http://gizmodo.com/5938842/sonys-new-gopro-killer-might-be-the-most-badass-action-cam-weve-ever-see]Sony's New GoPro Killer Might Be the Most Badass Action Cam We've Ever Seen[/url] Maybe GoPro prices will further drop in the near future, they are currently going for $209 shipped. Too bad I ... Read More »

Sony NEX Digital Camera

Does anyone own one of the new Sony NEX digital cameras? I'm thinking about a new camera, I've read a few reviews and they all seem possible, but there are so many sites and reviews(mostly professional). I would like to hear a review from one of you here on this forum. Thank you.Read More »

Sony's lost it...

I just bought a Sony 55" NXL TV. I has some cool internet options. One we're interested in is the Skype- but come after buying a logitech Webcam, I find/figure out that only the "Sony" webcam can be used. What a load of crap. Anyone know a way around that? It looks like either buy the Sony webca ... Read More »

DirecTV partners Sony to deliver NFL Sunday Ticket via PS3 games console..

DirecTV partners Sony to deliver NFL Sunday Ticket via PS3 games console "Sony has announced a deal with satellite TV provider DirecTV to bring its exclusive sports package NFL Sunday Ticket to PS3 consoles. The package will feature live coverage of up to 14 NFL games every Sunday, full HD for ev ... Read More »

So Sony camcorders and Macs don't play well together?

Researching my first camcorder and like the Sony model that MSRP around $1100, but have read that Sony and Apple don't play well together. Any experiences?Read More »

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