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Speedcific Serenity Hub Dimensions

Does anyone have or know where to get the dimensions of the Speedcific Serenity Hubs? I just bought a rear hub from Oddsandendos.com and the information was not included and is not on the website. Speedcific.com has the dimensions for the Perception hubs, but has no info on the Serenity. The od ... Read More »

Speedcific hub

Mike Garcia built wheel. I sent the wheel back for repairs/diagnosis of what was going on with it. Total rebuild. All that is original now is the shell of the hub. Everything was toast. Which I don't really understand, my thinking is the wheel has less than 3K on it. I will say that a few years back ... Read More »

Speedcific Serenity Disassembly

Has anyone ever disassembled a Speedcific Serenity hub? I was planning on calling Mike Garcia after the Memorial Day holiday but thought I would check here first.....Read More »

Speedcific Serenty?

BWW has these, and look very similar to my Speedcific from Mike Garcia. [url]http://www.bicyclewheelwarehouse.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=57[/url] anyone own these?Read More »

Does your Speedcific go "clunk"???

I'm very pleased with the lightweight wheelset that Mike built up for me. There is one thing I don't like though. When I've been freewheeling and I start to pedal, I often get a resounding "clunk" coming out of the rear hub - I guess when the pawl engages. My understanding of these hubs was that the ... Read More »





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