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A Boost to Young Guns - Saunier Duval Amateur Team, a Source of Cycling Stars.

Once again this year, the Saunier Duval U23 team will be hitting the road in order to train the guns that will make the pro team in the future. This will be the 13th straight season when our Cantabria-based team will work with some of the best amateur riders in Spain. Coached by former pro Enrique A ...    Read More »

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SPIUK sale at DPM sports-

ALL SUMMER GLOVES AND SOCKS on sale. Clicke the yellow banner at top of the page: [url]http://www.dpmsports.com/[/url] Socks, 2 different styles =$6.50 Gloves, low end = 12.50 Gloves, high end= 17.50 3 packs of socks for $12.50 I haven't owned any socks or gloves, but i own a pair of ... Read More »

Spiuk Daggon helmet, order from US?

Where can I find a Spiuk Daggon helmet in U.S.? any oversea MO site that ship Spiuk Daggon to US?Read More »

Best Price on Spiuk Kronos?

Know where I can get the best price on this TT helmet? I found a few US tri sites but they all have the same price.Read More »


anyone know where Spiuk frames are manufactured? thanks.Read More »

Any opinions on the Spiuk lids?

I need a new lid and was seriously considering the Spiuk Nexion. It has the 26 vents like my current Atmos,but weighs 50gr. heavier. The thing I like the most about them is that it offers some sort of webbing on the inside that helps block out alot of the insects,particular the sweat bees that can b ... Read More »

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Casta 0
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$ 150.00
ZS-1R 0
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$ 160.00
ZS-1RC 5
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$ 260.00
ZS-2R 0
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$ 130.00




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