Coumadin and Sportlegs

Has anyone had any experience using Sportlegs and taking Coumadin? My INR was WAY low today and the only thing that's changed is that I've taken Sportlegs twice recently. Last time was before yesterday's ride. I can't find Coumadin interaction info for the product, or it's active ingredients. ... Read More »


I am a world class skeptic when it comes to products like this, namely any thing that claims to "enhance" performance. There was a thread here about SportLegs some time back and at least a couple people claimed that it worked. I did the STP (Seattle to Portland) this year and my wife and I spent s ... Read More »

Sportlegs?? Any results??

Just bought Sportlegs supplement. Seems like it can't hurt. Plan on using them for better recovery. Has anyone used them, and can they be used with other meds?Read More »


hello all, anyone out there ever tried sportlegs product. i have read great reveiws from skiers, but i will be doing my first tri this june, and i have been experiencing a lot of soar muscles in the legs while running and biking. thanksRead More »

anyone ever use SportLegs?

Has anyone here used the supplement SportLegs? Is there any noticable decrease in lactic acid burn? From what I recall, its just vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium. Anyone have any reports? There are a ton of testimonials on their website but who knows how legit they are, so I figured I'd check h ... Read More »


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