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New Chain Spy 2 and Battery Mount from Problem Solvers

Want to make sure your race doesn’t end with your chain off the bike while you frantically try to spin it back in place and watch racers roll past you? Enter the Chain Spy 2.   Read More »

Fluid and Spy Giveaway at CrossVegas

Fluid Sports Nutrition and Spy Optic have teamed up for a conjoined party and prize giveaway at the CrossVegas cyclocross race at Interbike 2012 on Wednesday, September 19.   Read More »

Pro Bike: Nicole Duke’s Marin Cortina T3 CX Pro

Marin's team Elite racer, Nicole Duke’s Cortina T3 CX Pro bike comes with a sponsor-correct full SRAM Red 22 kit, with Zipp wheels and stem, and Clement MXP tires.    Read More »

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Snowden: whistleblower or Chinese spy?

[QUOTE] "We are going to make sure that there’s a thorough scrub of what his China connections are,” said Mike Rogers, chair of the House intelligence committee. “We need to ask a lot more questions about his motives and his connections – where he ended up, why he is there, how is he sustaining him ... Read More »

SPY team reviews their new Giant TCR's etc.

[url=http://pvcycling.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/big-words-on-a-badass-bike/#comment-6178]Big words on a badass bike « Cycling in the South Bay[/url]Read More »

cell phone spy trial download

which includes debt fee, tax bill charge, insurance firm, covering it's not necessary virtually any any such with no earning hunch. Any additional crucial element such as get in touch with grouping. A number of software package software meant for hand phone that warrant that knowledge from the lapto ... Read More »

Spy Satellites... get out your tin foil hat!

Apparently Hubble was built years after the NRO had similar telescopes in orbit (built in 1976!), but pointing at your backyard! [url=http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/nasa-gets-military-spy-telescopes-for-astronomy/2012/06/04/gJQAsT6UDV_story.html]NASA gets two military spy t ... Read More »

~30k secret warrants to spy on people in the USA every year

"greater than the combined yearly total of all antitrust, employment discrimination, environmental, copyright, patent, trademark and securities cases filed in federal court." - according to one of the judges involved. [url=http://content.usatoday.com/communities/ondeadline/post/2012/06/judge- ... Read More »

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