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SRM Launches the SRM Campagnolo PowerMeter

Colorado Springs, Colo. - SRM Training System is proud to announce the launch of the Campagnolo PowerMeter complete with distinctive PowerControl 7 aluminum head unit. Uli Schoberer, owner and founder of SRM, collaborated with the Campagnolo design team and engineers to develop a unique PowerMeter a ...    Read More »

Power Meter Software - SRM Power Meter

In this latest edition of our Power Meter series, Karl Etzel from Silicon Valley Cycling Center spends some time showing us the software that comes with the various power meters. First up is the SRM Power Meter, which comes bundled with SRM Win. SRM Win requires Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME,2000, XP ...    Read More »

Intro to Power Meters - SRM Professional Powermeter

Karl and Alex from Silicon Valley Cycling Center give a brief introduction to the three most popular power meters on the market. In Part 1, Karl goes over the pro peleton favorite SRM PowerMeter. Stay tuned for Part 2, where Karl will be going over the features and benefits of the CycleOps PowerTa ...    Read More »

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Wired SRM models

I'm in the market for a used BSA-compatible SRM, and I have a couple of questions I was hoping you might answer. What crankarms are used in the crankset below? [ATTACH=CONFIG]282201[/ATTACH] Looks to me like they might be rebranded hollowgram crankarms, but I can't really tell. Also, are ho ... Read More »

SRM style Mount for IBIKE ?

Hey guys. Today the only power meter I have the budget to buy is the IBIKE Newton. I saw in the site that they offer a new type of mount for stems and handlebars but my intention is to put the computer in front of the handlebar like the SRM and Garmin are doing. It seems better for knees. ... Read More »

SRM BB30 Power Crank at Competitive Cyclist

Great deal on an SRM BB30 crank if you take a 175mm: [url=http://www.competitivecyclist.com/product-accessories/2013-srm-sram-s975-bb30-wireless-powermeter-7605.44.1.html]SRM SRAM S975 BB30 Wireless Powermeter - Competitive Cyclist[/url]Read More »

SRM & Garmin

I'm seriously considering a SRM to go with my Garmin. However, I've been reading things about the SRM slope and off set values, etc. and I have no idea what they are talking about. Can someone explain this too me? How would I go about setting the right slope/offset? Would I need a PC7 to do it?Read More »

Looking for Quarq or SRM BB30 Crankset

Has anyone seen one of these on sale recently? I'd be looking for a 172.5mm 50/34 crank. Thanks.Read More »

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SRM Product Categories

Bar Tape

SRAM S975 BB30 Wireless Powermeter 0
0   Reviews
$ 2812.95

Power Meters

Campagnolo Ultra-Torque Wireless 0
0   Reviews
$ 5163.00
Dura-Ace 7800 0
0   Reviews
$ 3595.00
Dura-Ace 7900 0
0   Reviews
$ 3795.00
Dura-Ace 7950 0
0   Reviews
$ 3895.00
Dura-Ace 9000 0
0   Reviews
$ 3145.00
FSA K-Force Light 0
0   Reviews
$ 2845.00
FSA K-Force Light 0
0   Reviews
$ 4013.00
PowerControl 7 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
PowerControl V 0
0   Reviews
$ 850.00
PowerControl VI 0
0   Reviews
$ 950.00
SRAM 975 BB30 0
0   Reviews
$ 3545.00
SRAM S975 BB30 Wireless 5
1   Reviews
$ 2812.95
Training System 5
5   Reviews
$ 3495.00




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