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Lexco Takes on Sugino Components...And in Colors, Too

Norridge, Illinois - Silver is so last century. Through Lexco, you can now get world famous Sugino cranks, chainrings, sprockets, dust caps and other Sugino parts in a variety of colors. Of course, if you just have to have silver, Lexco and Sugino can accommodate. Lexco is carrying numerous Sugino ...    Read More »

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Sugino Crank questions

Well I need to put new chainrings on a Sugino triple crank. Sugino says this crank is for 7 & 8 speeds, but the only chainrings I can find are Sugino and Salsa. Both of these do not have ramps and pins, so the shifting is not the best. Doable, but wondering if I could do better. So my question ... Read More »

Sugino RD cranks any good?

Getting ready to do a fixed/ss build. How are these cranks? Decently low Q factor? Anything else to consider in the price range? Thanks!Read More »

Sugino Octalink Removal

I have a Sugino Octalink (Alpina) crank installed. It is not self extracting. When I use the Park CWP-7 extractor tool the internal nut spins all the way in, not meeting any resistance. Is this the wrong tool? What gives?Read More »

Will a Sugino 26-36-46 work with Campy?

I want to build a century/light touring bike. I have 10 speed Campy Chorus triple components (shifters, derailleurs, 13-29 cassette). I prefer Campy but want to use a Sugino crank to get a lower front end, a Sugino XD600 with 46-36-26 chainrings. Will that work? Has anyone used Sugino with Camp ... Read More »

RPM vs. Sugino

I am wondering which would raise the value of a road bike more, a Sugino double or a RPM triple crankset? I picked up the RPM triple in great condition today for $14 at a flea market and am thinking of swapping out the stock Sugino on my Specialized with it since my Sora syytem seems indexed for a t ... Read More »

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Sugino Product Categories

Bottom Brackets

Cartridge BB Set 0
0   Reviews
$ 36.99
SG-75 Square Tapered Spindle 0
0   Reviews
$ 57.00


Messenger 0
0   Reviews
$ 110.00


Impel Triple Crankset 0
0   Reviews
$ 42.90
RD2 Single Speed Crankset 0
0   Reviews
$ 125.00
XD600 Triple Cranksets 0
0   Reviews
$ 135.00




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