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SunRace SLR90 downtube shifters - anyone familiar with 'em?

I'm considering them for a bike that's supposed to save me money, but that I still want to have reliable, non-finicky indexed shifting. They're a lot cheaper than a 9-speed Shimano downtube shifter set, but if they're going to perform really badly or break in a couple years, I don't really want the ... Read More »

Sunrace Groupsets

Hello, Does anyone know the prices of sunrace groupsets or know where to find the prices as i am on a tight budget building a bike? ThanksRead More »

SunRace Cassettes

Does anyone have any experience with SunRace Cassettes? ThanksRead More »

Feedback needed on SunRace 9spd cassette

Just got my Tiagra worn out propperly and searching for some low-price replacements. Haven't found someone with experince with those. SunRace "JUJU" road cassettes... how's about the milage? As for shifting performances, if it's comparible with Tiagra then I think I'll live with it.Read More »

Sunrace Shifter

Anyone have experience with these? Looks like a good option for upgrading older bikes. [url]http://www.sunrace.com/en/products/detail/r80?sku=STR80[/url]Read More »





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