Pro Bike: Mo Bruno Roy’s Seven Cycles MudHoney Pro Cyclocross Bike

With canti brakes and the new SRAM RED 22 componentry, the bikes are slightly different than last year’s models, but with updated paint and specs.    Read More »

Review: Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40C Carbon Clinchers

Mavic’s new carbon clinchers deliver top-shelf braking performance and sexy aesthetics. But some will yearn for a wider rim profile and lower weight.   Read More »

Just In: Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40C Carbon Clinchers

RoadBikeReview got the full download – and a test ride -- on Mavic’s new hoops, which the French wheel maker claims are the safest (hybrid) carbon clincher on the market.   Read More »

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SwissStop BHP Blue brake pads

:thumbsup: Just a quick plug for the new SwissStop BHP Blue Flash Pro brake pads. I've been on them for a couple of weeks and they are the best pads on alloy rims I have ever used. I have been a loyal KoolStop guy over the years, but I will admit these pads are better. Not much use in the wet ... Read More »

Anyone else using Swissstop BXP pads?

When I moved from a road to a cyclocross frame over the winter I picked up a set of Swissstop BXP blue pads. This is their new all-weather compound for aluminum rims. It replaces their green pads, as far as I can tell. For some reason it seemed like a good idea to pay twice the price of Kool Stop ... Read More »

SwissStop YELLOW pads for carbon rims

Hey guys, Just wondering if the YELLOW carbon brake pads stain/discolor carbon wheels brake surfaces? I currently use zipp proprietary black/dark gray carbon brake pads on both my 202s and 303s. As you know, these pads are NOT inexpensive. I have an opportunity to pick up a set of SwissStop Yello ... Read More »

SwissStop Brake Pads - GHP2 or Black?

On an alloy braking surface, I'm currently using KoolStop Salmon pads that I am very happy with. Unfortunately, they are a bit hard to come by in Japan, and am therefore considering trying some SwissStop's. I'm curious which will be the most similar in performance and feel to the KoolStops, the GHP2 ... Read More »

SwissStop Black Versus Green?

Yesterday I installed a new set of Avid Shorty Ultimate canti's on my bike. After all the hype and gushing reviews, I was a little let down. They don't seem to stop any better than the Shimano R550's they replaced, although they are very nicely built, the lever action feels fantastic and the setup w ... Read More »

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