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Anyone know what the deal is with SWOBO clothing?

I really need a new pair of riding shorts and I love SWOBO'S clothing but in going to their site it doesn't seem that you can order anything directly from them. I have an awesome pair of wool long tights and some of their riding shorts which through years of riding have heavy wear. But when I go to ... Read More »

Contact for Swobo?

Anyone know how to get ahold of someone from Swobo? I have sent emails to [email]info@swobo.com[/email], but have not received a response. Thanks, DougRead More »

Swobo Sanchez build

Here is my recent build. Most of the parts were sitting in boxes in the garage. I may change to padded tape, as the cloth tape is not too comfortable. Gearing is 38-14.Read More »

Swobo Sanchez frameset - ream / face?

I picked up a Swobo Sanchez frameset on bonktown, and am ready to build it up. But I don't know if I need to ream/face the headtube and the bb shell. I'm not sure how to tell if this is needed. I've emailed Swobo, but they don't reply to my emails. Can anybody advise? Thanks, DougRead More »

Swobo out of business?

Is Swobo out of business? Emails to them are bouncing back, and the image links on the site are broken. I haven't called them, but this is very odd...Read More »


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