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Scott Launches Solace Endurance Bike, Revamps Addict

The 2014 product launch season rolled on this week with Swiss-based Scott Bikes unveiling a host of new mountain and road steeds, plus updated apparel. Here's a detailed inside look at the two new road bikes — one super light, one super comfy.   Read More »

Ritchey Break-Away Bicycles Travel to the 18th Annual Sea Otter Classic

Ritchey to exhibit two new Break-Away bike framesets and various new components at one of the nation's largest bicycle festivals SAN CARLOS, Calif. - Bicycle component company Ritchey Design announced today it will showcase the two newest framesets in the Break-Away line of bicycles at the Sea O ...    Read More »

High School Cycling Gives Thanks

BERKELEY, Calif. The NorCal and SoCal High School Cycling Leagues combined raised over $100,000 at their annual CycleFest fundraisers. The SoCal League almost doubled its attendance over 2008. Matt Fritzinger, founder of the NorCal League, said "We are very thankful for having had two highly succes ...    Read More »

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Thought that I spotted a set of carbon Syncros wheels on a recent Scott Bikes commercial. Just snooping around the net, it seems that Scott has picked up Syncros? Any information would be cool. Syncros has always been one of my favorite companies, so if they are coming out with road stuff...I'd be s ... Read More »

Looking for an old stem: 1" Syncros quill

Hey y'all, I'm trying to spice up my 97 lemond chambery, which has a 1" threaded fork. I'm going to install a King 1"' 2nut headset and would like to find someone that would be willing to let go of a Syncros 1" quill stem in a 100mm length, 26.0 clamp size. I've seen some on eBay recently but they ... Read More »

Syncros Ti post: more comfortable than carbon?

I have an old Syncros Ti steat post that I run on my moutain bike. I am thinking of installing it on my road bike by purchasing a shim. Not too many Ti posts exist anymore, but it the time the Snycros was the best and very shock absorbing. (This was before GT/Schwinn bought and destroyed the comp ... Read More »

Raceface, Syncros, Ritchey, Easton...is it an mtb?

no, it's not. Wrong sub-forum for one, wrong website for another ! *long, rambling and overexcited it's my first fixie. Yippee ! Normally people pick up a cheap old steel bike from some fortuitous garage sale, I picked up a cheap new Easton Ultralite frame from some local Ebay. Came with a ... Read More »

Cable hanger ideas - Syncros hang doggie

Hello, you guys helped me get the right parts for my spooky cantis (barrels for cable ends to fit into the ends of hte arms), and now the brake works great (I only need a front :D) But I noticed when I set up the brake that roughly 97.5% of the friction in the front brake cable system is comin ... Read More »

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