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Triple Cross Stainless – SOMA Fabrications Adds Sparkle and Shine

SOMA Fabrications has expanded its cyclocross line-up with a new frame for the dirt and gravel set called the Triple Cross.    Read More »

Do We Really Need 11-Speed?

Contributor Twain Mein is usually excited about advances in cycling technology, and loves to try the newest, lightest, most aerodynamic inventions. However, he's not convinced that 11-speed drivetrains are the greatest thing since sliced bread -- or necessary at all.    Read More »

Featured User Review: Soma Fabrications Rush Frame

Featured User Review: Soma Fabrications Rush Frame by Benjamin Evans Price: $450.00 at Cyclepath, Portland Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Value Rating: 5 of 5 Favorite Ride: Avenida de los Volcanes, Central Ecuador Bike Setup: Crank and Chain Ring: PAUL Component Engineering, Royal Flush Road ...    Read More »

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Tange 900 seatpost diameter ?

Bought a Clamont steel frame (Australian made) to build as a fixie. I was almost finished when I had a small issue. The tubeset is Tange 900. I was told (when I bought it) that it would take a 27.2mm seatpost. It does not. I had a 26.8mm sitting in my parts bin and it's also too large. Could som ... Read More »

welded Reynolds 631 Vs. lugged Tange Prestige

I just picked up a used 1993 Novara frame made from lugged Tange Prestige tubing. It was a good enough price and it is hard to find used frames/bikes in my size, 50cm. I have most of the parts I need to build it but I am still shopping for a few such as a wheelset. Today I see a used 2002 Jamis Ques ... Read More »

Just picked up a Novara frame with Tange Prestige tubing

I have been looking for a good frame to build up for a while now. Its hard to find them small enough for my 29” inseam. But yesterday I came across an add for a Novara frame/fork combo made from Tange Prestige tubing for $75 in 50cm, perfect size. I went and looked at it today and it was in very nic ... Read More »

Deldova Tange Mangaloy?

anyone know anything about this brand or frame? [url]http://cgi.ebay.com/Tange-Mangaloy-Steel-Road-Frame-50cm-/320496624225?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4a9f166261[/url] i lusting after an old school geo frame. and steel.Read More »

Soma Smoothie Tange Prestige Steel Frame

Has anybody ridden the Soma Smoothie steel frame? I'm contemplating on buying this frame from pricepoint.com for $350 and would like to read people's opinion on this model. Is Tange Prestige any good compared to Columbus, Reynolds, True Temper steels? I'm not a weight weenie so I don't care about th ... Read More »

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