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Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheelset Pro Review

Fulcrum Racing 5 Wheelset - By Steve Cooper Oversized Hubs with sealed high quality bearings. Bladed spokes 20 front wheel and 24 in the rear 2 to 1 spoke ratio on the rear wheel Dynamic balance Weight - 1755 grams for the set MSRP - $495 Intro What should you expect from a mid level clinche ...    Read More »

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Bianchi Tangent cross bike upgrade help

I have been searching for a new road bike with the relaxed geo and have decided I want to hold off until I have enough saved to get a Roubiax. I am looking to buy end of summer when I can get a deal. I the mean time I decided to pull down an old 1991 Bianchi Tangent cross bike that I have had hangin ... Read More »

Bianchi Tangent

Hi, Purchased a second hand Bianchi Tangent and have been trying to find out information on this model. Have not come across much on the Internet, other than people in the same position as me. Looks to be set up as a touring bike. It's a 7 speed triple with full Suntour XC, including hubs, Araya ... Read More »

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