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Half-rim sunglasses comparison: Oakley Radarlock (Path) vs Tifosi Logic

*Updated with slightly clearer pics, and the obvious look-through I never captured. Some proofreading although I'll admit I'm not the best writer. With a bit of spare time I'm making another review on eyewear. Maybe you've seen my previous review/comparison between the Rudy Project Hypermask Perf ... Read More »

Tifosi Fototec lense wearers:

What lens are you currently using? I left my glasses on top of the car at a gas stop yesterday, and now I need a new pair. I had the Light Night lenses, but I am curious how the other lenses work for people in daily use also.Read More »

Tifosi Perscription Sunglasses

I want to get some perscription sunglasses. I have been hearing about Tifosi sunglasses and some of the good reviews. I dig the Roubaix model... [url]http://www.tifosioptics.com/products/article/t-i880/search&exact-model=Roubaix&niche=WSD%7CKids%7CSportFashion%7CRX%7CAll/[/url] That model uses a ... Read More »

Best cycling glasses for the price? NOT Tifosi

I've had the tifosi nad have to buy a new pair every year, not good. I know they have a lifetime warranty, but I shouldn't have to send my riding glasses back every year and have to pay a minimum of a $10 processing fee. Thanks but no thanks tifosi. Great designs, but quality they are not. *tifos ... Read More »

Tifosi Sunglasses

any opinions on tifosi compared to more expensive brands, specifically the Big ORead More »





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