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Tifosi Optics Launches 2013 Lineup

Van from Tifosi runs down the upcoming 2013 lineup of optics from the Georgia based eyewear company. The Podium, in stores June 2012, allows an unobstructed line of vision for the wearer, a great advantage for triathlon   Read More »

Tifosi Introduces the Podium

Introducing the Podium, a revolutionary frameless eyewear system by Tifosi Optics, Inc. The Podium, allows an unobstructed line of vision for the wearer, a great advantage for triathlon, cycling, golf, and other active sports. The Podium features a one-piece decentered polycarbonate lens wi ...    Read More »

Tifosi Optics 2012 Eyewear Lineup

Matt Canto from Tifosi Optics shows us the new 2012 lineup at Deer Valley Press Camp. Tifosi Optics Tempt Adjustable nose and ear pieces Available in Interchangeable model Available in Fototec and Polarized Fototec models $59.95-$89.95 Tifosi Optics Altar Shield piece Adjus ...    Read More »

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Half-rim sunglasses comparison: Oakley Radarlock (Path) vs Tifosi Logic

*Updated with slightly clearer pics, and the obvious look-through I never captured. Some proofreading although I'll admit I'm not the best writer. With a bit of spare time I'm making another review on eyewear. Maybe you've seen my previous review/comparison between the Rudy Project Hypermask Perf ... Read More »

Tifosi Fototec lense wearers:

What lens are you currently using? I left my glasses on top of the car at a gas stop yesterday, and now I need a new pair. I had the Light Night lenses, but I am curious how the other lenses work for people in daily use also.Read More »

Tifosi Perscription Sunglasses

I want to get some perscription sunglasses. I have been hearing about Tifosi sunglasses and some of the good reviews. I dig the Roubaix model... [url]http://www.tifosioptics.com/products/article/t-i880/search&exact-model=Roubaix&niche=WSD%7CKids%7CSportFashion%7CRX%7CAll/[/url] That model uses a ... Read More »

Best cycling glasses for the price? NOT Tifosi

I've had the tifosi nad have to buy a new pair every year, not good. I know they have a lifetime warranty, but I shouldn't have to send my riding glasses back every year and have to pay a minimum of a $10 processing fee. Thanks but no thanks tifosi. Great designs, but quality they are not. *tifos ... Read More »

Tifosi Sunglasses

any opinions on tifosi compared to more expensive brands, specifically the Big ORead More »

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