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Tiso Full Ceramic Jockey/Pulley Wheels?

Anyone have experience with these things? Just learned about them from the recent Friction Facts report. I try to avoid riding in dirty conditions as much as possible, but it seems these wheels will outlast several sets of Campy SR jockey wheels and outperform them along the way. Also wondering h ... Read More »

Tiso 12 speed wireless electronic group

...will this make me faster? [url=http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/tiso-launches-wireless-12-speed-electronic-road-group-35956/]Tiso Launches Wireless 12-speed Electronic Road Group - BikeRadar[/url]Read More »

tiso upgrade kit for record 11?

looking into doing this but was curious if it was actually worth it, wanted to hear from anyone who has done it? are there any benefits?Read More »

Tiso bolt kit

any one try this before. just wondering if its as good as KMC and extralite's and what the gram savings are compared to 7800 DARead More »

New Tiso 11 Speed Road Group

Does anyone have any more info on this new 11 speed groupset coming from Tiso? I've a brand new Look 595 aching for 11 Italian sprockets : D Eurobike and Interbike might be the first time we get to see it apparantly. I'm very excited as i've used Tiso Sereo Front & Rear mechs, but can't find anyt ... Read More »


Tiso Product Categories


10 Speed Hard Anodized 0
0   Reviews
$ 268.99


Road 0
0   Reviews
$ 92.99
Road Compact 0
0   Reviews
$ 92.99
Time Trial Triathlon 0
0   Reviews
$ 119.00


Quick Release Road 0
0   Reviews
$ 169.00


Antiflex Road 0
0   Reviews
$ 169.00




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