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Topolino vs Zipp. Are they in the same class in term of weight and performance ???

Topolino CX2.0 vs Zipp303/404 ...... Are they in the same class in term of weight and performance ???Read More »

Topolino Trueblack CTR2.0

Hey everyone - These wheels don't get too much play around here (or anywhere else for that matter) so I thought I would post them. I've been fortunate to run a number of different wheelsets over the years from custom built clinchers (from multiple builders that frequent RBR), various campy wheelset ... Read More »

How do Topolino wheels compare?

Are Topolino ctr 2.0 worth their retail price in comparison to say ksyrium elites (Double the price)?? Or compare some other light weight good valued clinchers to their retail value or to the wheels above........I am open for an Ideas on wheels.. Thanks.Read More »

Broke threaded end part of Topolino spoke, now what?

A spoke on my wife's Topolino wheel broke tonight while riding. Ya know how they have the composite part, that goes into the plastic lug looking thingy, then the metal threaded part comes out, and goes into the nipple? The threaded metal part broke off flush with the end of the nipple. I gave ... Read More »

Topolino suck up

So the LBS has a set of ac19 Topo's that have been floating around the shop not being ridden ( I know who's ridden them and the lack of miles on them) . I make an offer, because 1) shop guys like them, 2) cheapish bling, 3)and I wanted a wheel upgrade. They ROCK. I'm really suprised to see how m ... Read More »


Topolino Product Categories

Tires - Clincher

TrueBlack CTR2.0 5
5   Reviews
$ 1420.00

wheelsets - clincher

carbon core AX3.0 4.67
3   Reviews
$ 1299.00
carbon core CX2.0 4.8
10   Reviews
$ 1299.00

wheelsets - tubular

Carbon Core VX4.0 4
1   Reviews
$ 2299.00
VTR 4.0 0
0   Reviews
$ 2520.00




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