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Sea Otter Classic '09 - Torker

Tim Rutledge of SBS shows us two models from the Torker 2009 lineup, the U-District a very inexpensive singlespeed/fixed gear bike aimed at the college crowd. As well as the Cargo-T, a very fun, very well equipped bike for the commuter.   Read More »

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Jamis Satellite Sport or Torker Interurban

Hi Folks, Thank you in advance for your time and I greatly appreciate any feedback. I've recently accepted a job at a company that will be close enough to my apartment to commute. I live in Austin, TX and the roads that I will be taking are pretty bike friendly, so I've decided to begin commut ... Read More »

Plug: Torker Interurban

I broke my venerable Raleigh Technium the other day. Sooner or later, everything dies. In this case, the right chainstay. So I popped into a couple of bike shops on my walk home from school on Thursday evening. I saw a couple bikes I really wasn't looking for at Performance Bike, and then I st ... Read More »

Torker Interurban

This is sort of a continuation of a previous thread of mine- A bit of background: I was a pretty serious ride as a teenager and let it slide in my 20's. Now in my mid-30's, I've rediscovered a love for riding due in no small part to my Trek Soho S. Still, as much as I'm enjoying the hell out o ... Read More »

Torker U-District or Motobecane Messenger?

Hey, I've been commuting 3 miles (flat roads) everyday from my house to my college on my mountain bike. I would like to get a fixed/single speed bike under $320. I'm not very familiar with fixed gear bikes so please forgive me for all my questions. I was deciding between the Torker U-District ... Read More »

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