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Sea Otter Classic '09 - Park Tool Torque Wrenches

Park Tool Stopped by the booth to show us a pair of new torque wrenches from Park Tool.   Read More »

How To: Ride sand or any loose surface (video)

Sand sections are one of the biggest challenges in cyclo-cross, requiring a deft mix of power, finesse and a little bit of luck. And while you may not encounter beach-like conditions on every ride or race, the skills required to ride sand are transferable to nearly any loose surface conditions.   Read More »

Stages Power Meter Updates iOS App and Firmware

Stages Cycling’s first update to the iOS StagesPower App along with a new version of firmware is now available for new and existing Stages Power meters. Stages says this is the most significant revision since the release of the Stages Power meter early this year.   Read More »

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Centaur Power Torque Triple Front Derailleur issue

This is a real frustrating issue I have a mixed Campagnolo set on the new Soma. Every thing works splendidly well except the front derailleur. I started with the current 2013 QS derailleur recommended for this crank but when the head mechanic at the local shop tried to install it. It would eith ... Read More »

Do you actually have/use a torque wrench?

I needed to readjust my front 105 brakes the other day. Downloaded instructions from the Shimano "techdocs" site, and it specifies 8-10 Nm/69-87 in-lbs for the bolt that holds the brake arm assembly to the fork. OK... except I have no torque wrench. What I do have is a ~4 inch long 5mm hex wren ... Read More »

Ultra Torque Fixing Bolt Came Loose...?

I have put about 300 miles on a new set of Ultra Torque cranks and today mid-ride I noticed the fixing bolt was loose. I made it home ok just soft pedaling then checked the tightness of the bolt om the garage and it was really loose. Is it common for this bolt to come loose? I simply used grease ... Read More »

Ultra Torque BB 86 Woes

Got a brand new De Rosa Superking Electric. All Campy Record, BB86 press fit PF30 adapter cups. Clicky, clicky. Can't get rid of the sound. Literally less than 200 miles on the bike. Only on weight bearing, out of the saddle and up the hill. I've checked the entire bottom bracket, taken out the ... Read More »

Video showing installation and removal of Super Record 11 Ultra Torque Crank

Does anyone know of a video showing how to remove and then install the Campy SR 11 spd Ultra Torque crank. Can't find one anywhere. ThanksRead More »

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