TRP Brakes unveils improved Spyre mechanical disc brake, new Spyke fat bike brake, and a gravel favorite

What has changed with the Spyre dual piston mechanical disc brake since the voluntary recall in December? Find out here.    Read More »

Interbike 2013: TRP HY/RD and Spyre Road Disc Brakes

TRP has some great, new road disc brakes available now. The HY/RD and Spyre are two lightweight, easy to install options if you are looking to upgrade.   Read More »

TRP Interbike Booth

Dave Biehler shows us the 2013 road brakes with the R970 SL ultralight caliper, R970 EQ, longer pull ratio R979 SL, RRL singlespeed lever series for cross or road, retro looking RRL SR, RevoX   Read More »

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TRP Hylex Brakes - what's the deal?

They were announced with some fanfare several months back. I spoke with someone at TRP about 2 months ago and they were a few weeks away from having stock. Online vendors have them item available but noone has them in stock. To top it off, they are no longer on the TRP website. Did they go the wa ... Read More »

Trp hy/rd

For all you other losers out there riding disc brakes on your road bike, or cool guys doing it on your cross bike, who has ordered up the TRP HY/RD brake set? I have a set coming. Ordered a 160 front/140 rear setup.Read More »

TRP R960 Problem (red barrel lock lever)

So, I look down and notice the red barrel lock lever on my front brake keeps vibrating loose and flops over to the "unlock" mode during my ride. Not good. It does not seem to matter how hard I push the red lock lever on to the barrel side. I initially thought the red lever end might be chippe ... Read More »

TRP Hydraulic ROAD CABLE brakes

For the roadies going disc, does anyone have any experience with or information on these? Looks like a nice and easy upgrade for us with mechanical discs. [url=]First Ride: TRP?s HY-RD Hydraulic Disc Brakes ? Updated ... Read More »

Trp Mini V's

I tried mini V brakes a few years back and found them to be great brakes but that they had a tendency to drag in the mud and were a pain to get the wheel off the bike in stock configuration. I was wondering how the new TRP's were working out for people. I don't see a lot of the top riders using ... Read More »

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