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From the Arctic Circle to Africa: A True Cycling Adventure

In 2013, Reza Pakravan pedaled 11,000 miles from the Arctic Circle to southernmost Africa. The journey took 102 days -- or roughly 107 miles per day for more than three months. Find out how he did it.   Read More »

Review: Serfas True 550

Instead of sticking with the light chassis from last year, Serfas stepped it up with a brand new, more robust chassis this year. The new one seems bigger with more cooling fins. It has air ports in front near the lens that serve to funnel air through the heat sink and cool the light down at speed.   Read More »

Review: Serfas True 350

The top dog in this series is the the True 750 for $160 but the sibling, the True 350 can be had for $120. The other advantage besides fitting it in the budget is the run time increases to the coveted 2-hour mode in the highest setting.   Read More »

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Has anybody ever true carbon wheel with bladed spokes?

I been putting it off for quite a while. The Boyd 38mm carbon clinchers most likely got out of true from all the cracks and small potholes on the roads I ride on. I only notice the rubbing on the brake pads with the front wheel when I climb out of the saddle. Another factor is likely I set my bra ... Read More »

TRUE CONSERVATIVE: finally a Republican who isn't afraid to say what we all believe

Virginia Republican Lt Governor nominee Bishop EW Jackson [video=youtube_share;Oi_KaZ53eDg]http://youtu.be/Oi_KaZ53eDg[/video] Also one of the few Republican so-called conservatives brave enough to take on the ungodly homosexual agenda: [QUOTE] list of the “10 Most Anti-Gay Statements” from Jac ... Read More »

Dear March Madness CBS/TNT/TBS/TRUE Tv people,

Please stop playing that dreadful Muse song during commercial breaks. Just because it has the word "madness" in its lyrics and title doesn't make it okay to play a mediocre song over and over and over again. Thanks for reaffirming my disdain for Muse.Read More »

It looks to good to be true!

Hello everyone, First post here, new to biking, starting my second season now. I came across this website and the prices look to good to be true. Anyone actually purchased from "Arta Metro" before? [url=http://www.artametro.com/]Welcome To ARTA METRO[/url] I am looking to buy a new wheel se ... Read More »

How far out of true after a spoke failure?

I'm working on a model for predicting lateral trueness (or lack thereof) after spoke failure to evaluate different lacing patterns. If you happen to know how far out of true your wheel went after a fatigue-related failure, please let me know. It'll help to validate the model. Specifically I'm ... Read More »

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