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Rack decisions: Surly vs. Tubus

So I want to add front and rear racks to my Surly LHT. I'm rather new to this kind of bike and have never had a full loaded bike. I've kind of narrowed it down to the Surly Nice Racks, front and rear or Tubus Tara or Ergo for front and Logo Expedition rear. It's obvious both makers have some differe ... Read More »

Tubus Tara Lowrider rack experiences?

Calling all serious touring cyclists: Anyone any experiences of this rack, and also a rack which doesn't have the loop over the wheel for comparison. My rack at the moment is two seperate halves screwed onto the forks in a mirror image of each other. I find they create a speed wobble...or just a wo ... Read More »

Tubus Luna rear rack

Is anyone familiar with the Tubus producta from Germany? The rack I am speaking of in particuclar is the Luna. It is a light, narrow (60mm) Stainless Steel rack that is made in Germany. I just recently purchased one for my bike but now I am looking for a good rear bag to mount on the rack. I have so ... Read More »


Tubus Product Categories

Bike Rack

Cargo 0
0   Reviews
$ 139.99
Cosmo 0
0   Reviews
$ 209.99
Fly 0
0   Reviews
$ 129.99
Tara Lowrider 0
0   Reviews
$ 119.99


Airy Rack 0
0   Reviews
$ 258.45
Luna Rack 0
0   Reviews
$ 175.95




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