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Hot News: Felt all in with disc brakes on cyclocross bikes

California-based bike maker is joining a growing number of manufactures spec'ing disc brakes (and in some cases thru-axles) on cyclocross bikes.    Read More »

U.S. Cyclocross Nationals: Groms (and Wind) Attack

Competitors — including a host of brave kids — battle high winds during day three of cyclo-cross nationals in Boulder.   Read More »

Interbike 2013: Six Lust Worthy Bikes

We saw dozens of amazing bikes at Interbike (and Eurobike). Super light carbon fiber climbers. Wind cheating aero assault weapons. Beautiful disc-equipped works of custom painted art. Electronic shifting all-day gravel grinding adventure companions. But these six made our heart beat just a little fa ...    Read More »

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Which road bike is equivalent to a Turner?

My friend just got a roadbike...he is already acting different and stuffier to be honest. He used to be a hardcore mountain biker but now that his wife bought him a roadbike I doubt he will see much dirt. I figure if you cant beat em, join em. He says specialized are the best and are probably th ... Read More »

Norv Turner is an IDIOT.....

What a moreon....just watching the last few days of the Chargers practice.......they are practicing IN SD wearing shorts and loose jerseys.........LESSEE...You have THE BIGGEST game that most of your team has ever played in coming up on Sunday in COLD weather.....and you practice back in SD......STT ... Read More »

Ike Turner died from a cocaine overdose.

He was 76 years old. If you're still doing coke at 76, I'm thinking that you've definitely burned up your nine lives and then some. Cripes, people who live a healthy life die younger than that. Is there some sort of "dog years" formula that can be used to calculate his real age? For example, ... Read More »

Damn, Ike Turner's dead

And the big wheel keeps on turnin'. He's gone to that great big female-battering party in the sky [url]http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5i00d3lO-44BBUMKh7kjWGOlTCHxA[/url]Read More »

Anti-war artist wins $51,000 prize (Turner Prize)

[QUOTE][SIZE="2"]From bbc[/SIZE] LONDON, England (AP) -- Artist Mark Wallinger won Britain's prestigious Turner Prize for a fiercely anti-war exhibit based on a lone protester's six-year vigil outside British parliament. [IMG]http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/44278000/jpg/_44278021_wallinger_ ... Read More »

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