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E-rudy multilaser orange lenses mirror coating not available for U.S customers.

Today i emailed e-rudy asking for a pair of Multilaser Orange lenses mirror coating for my Noyz sunglasses. I was told "we don't have them for Noyz glasses. I ask "[B]Then why Eros Capecchi wears Noyz glasses with multilaser orange lenses mirror coating during the races[/B]" Here is their respons ... Read More »

U.S. unemployment poised to surpass E.U. levels

From the [URL="http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/23/business/economy/23charts.html?hp"]NY Times[/URL]:[INDENT][I]For many years, unemployment in the United States was lower than in Western Europe, a fact often cited by people who argued that the flexibility inherent in the American system — it is ... Read More »

U.S.E Alien Seatposts + "Non-standard" Saddles

I was about to buy a U.S.E. Alien seatpost with the Cyclops clamp for use with my Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbon saddle when I discovered that the standard 7mm clamp that comes with the seatpost will not work with my saddle, and that I would have to purchase a larger 10.4mm Cyclops clamp, which costs a ... Read More »

25.0mm shims: U.S.E. monopoly?

Just bought a NOS USE seatpost on Ebay, before I noticed that nobody on Ebay is selling the 25.0-27.2mm shim I need to make the post fit my frame. Does anyone know where I can get one, shipped at a reasonable rate? A preliminary google search only shows hits for U.S.E. OEM shims for 25.0mm diame ... Read More »

U.S.E. Alien with carbon rail saddle

I am trying to set up a USE Alien post with a carbon railed saddle. The rails are full carbon -- not the ti wrapped type -- so are a bit oval in profile. Has anyone had experience with this setup? I have not tryed any more than a 5 minute lookover as I was heading out the door, but it didn't look ... Read More »


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