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U.S. Cyclocross Nationals: Groms (and Wind) Attack

Competitors — including a host of brave kids — battle high winds during day three of cyclo-cross nationals in Boulder.   Read More »

The U.S. Handcycling Federation Brings A Full Arsenal Of Competitors To The 2009 Redlands Bicycle Classic

Redlands, Calif. — As the anticipation builds for the 25th running of the Redlands Bicycle Classic, the U.S. Handcycling Federation has finalized its 2009 start list. As with the 2008 edition the RBC kicks off the eight-round U.S. Handcycling Series, but unlike ‘08 this year’s event will feature nea ...    Read More »

Tested: Shimano’s New R785 Hydraulic Disc Road Brakes

RoadBikeReview spent three days riding Shimano’s new hydraulic disc braking system. Find out our initial impressions, what the weight penalty is, and just how big the new shift levers are.   Read More »

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E-rudy multilaser orange lenses mirror coating not available for U.S customers.

Today i emailed e-rudy asking for a pair of Multilaser Orange lenses mirror coating for my Noyz sunglasses. I was told "we don't have them for Noyz glasses. I ask "[B]Then why Eros Capecchi wears Noyz glasses with multilaser orange lenses mirror coating during the races[/B]" Here is their respons ... Read More »

U.S. unemployment poised to surpass E.U. levels

From the [URL="http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/23/business/economy/23charts.html?hp"]NY Times[/URL]:[INDENT][I]For many years, unemployment in the United States was lower than in Western Europe, a fact often cited by people who argued that the flexibility inherent in the American system — it is ... Read More »

U.S.E Alien Seatposts + "Non-standard" Saddles

I was about to buy a U.S.E. Alien seatpost with the Cyclops clamp for use with my Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbon saddle when I discovered that the standard 7mm clamp that comes with the seatpost will not work with my saddle, and that I would have to purchase a larger 10.4mm Cyclops clamp, which costs a ... Read More »

25.0mm shims: U.S.E. monopoly?

Just bought a NOS USE seatpost on Ebay, before I noticed that nobody on Ebay is selling the 25.0-27.2mm shim I need to make the post fit my frame. Does anyone know where I can get one, shipped at a reasonable rate? A preliminary google search only shows hits for U.S.E. OEM shims for 25.0mm diame ... Read More »

U.S.E. Alien with carbon rail saddle

I am trying to set up a USE Alien post with a carbon railed saddle. The rails are full carbon -- not the ti wrapped type -- so are a bit oval in profile. Has anyone had experience with this setup? I have not tryed any more than a 5 minute lookover as I was heading out the door, but it didn't look ... Read More »

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