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Team TIBCO and Voler: A Fitting Partnership

Team TIBCO's Carlee Taylor put the wicking properties of her new Voler kit to the early test after winning the Australian U23 Road Championship in January. Team TIBCO is entering its second year in partnership with clothing sponsor Voler. The difference was noticeable in year one, with the company ...    Read More »

Sizing Up Competition Poses Unique Challenge at American Eagle Outfitters Tour of Pennsylvania Presented by Highmark Healthy High 5

PHILADELPHIA, PA – It’s among the most basic tenets of the athletic arena: You can’t beat the competition if you don’t know who they are. Yet come the opening day of the American Eagle Outfitters Tour of Pennsylvania Presented By Highmark Healthy High 5®, no one will know exactly who are the riders ...    Read More »

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Ruh-roh.... Uncle Rupert's Pissed At Christie

Interesting tweet from Murdoch (below). Judging from Uncle Rupert's words, there's a few things we just didn't know 'til now... 1) Saying nice things about a sitting President who's working WITH YOU to help Americans who've been harmed by a natural disaster is a BAD THING. Who knew? 2) Christie ap ... Read More »

Planet X Uncle John Build

I bought a 2011 Uncle John frame and carbon fork on sale for $299 at Planet-X-Usa.com. The frame was a great value which offered both the canti and 135mm disc options with bosses for a rear rack and mud guard. The delivery of the frame was delayed by a week due to unexpected issues between the t ... Read More »

Uncle is No Bueno...

Well this sucks. Had chest pains for days, ignored them. Finally went in when he couldn't stand it anymore... Pulmonary edema, second kidney failing (diabetes) and on dialysis, now intubated. Cant do a cardiac catheter till he is more stable. Ironic that I hear about this after another 16 h ... Read More »

A proud uncle.

I get to spend a lot of time with my 18 y/o nephew. Great kid and its fun watching him grow up and work through his teenage "drama" and grow into a great guy. He's graduating HS early and is now working on a new TV show thats in production. All of that takes a backseat though, to the fact that he ... Read More »

Can you spare a dime for Uncle Sam?

According to an article I read a few minutes ago the government is trying to coloct money to help knock out the nations debt. [I][U][B]We as Americans should feel the need to donate more of our money[/B][/U][/I]...HaHa JK but this form has been released and proven to be real...check it out![COLOR=da ... Read More »

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