Duotrap w/VDO Z3 computer anyone?

Has anyone tried to pair a Duotrap speed & cadence sensor with a VDO Z3 computer? I've been using the Z3 with its VDO-supplied speed sensor while waiting for my Duotrap to arrive. Works great. Now that I've finally got the Duotrap installed I can't get it to pair with the Z3 at all. The LEDs ... Read More »

VDO Z2PC Cycling computer/HRM $99 (Reg $270)

IBEX Sports has the VDO Z2PC computer/HRM for $99. List on their site is $270 and I think its like $250 on Amazon (non-PC model is cheaper). Comes with a 5 year warranty. Only part not included is the cadence sensor. The cadence sensor and second bike kit are each $38 on Amazon with free shipping ... Read More »

Vdo Z3

Just got a VDO Z3 ... Heart rate monitor seems spot on... Spped and cadence are a bit sluggish.... Takes a bit for each to register faster and slower speeds... Altitude measuring is very interesting to see... It works but there are some things that I just dont understand. Is there any one o ... Read More »

Anyone else w/ VDO MC1.0+ problems?

I've been using one of these computers/altimeters for about 2 years, particularly for the altimeter feature. The problem I'm having is that the speedometer/odometer occasionally fails to function - in other words, I may be moving 25 mph but the computer shows I'm at 0, and the odometer is not loggi ... Read More »

Vdo Mc +1.0

Hello, anyone have VDO MC +1.0 for sell ? Or may be other similar products ? Let me know... ThanksRead More »


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Aero 8.0 3.25
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$ 79.95
VDO MC 1.0 Cyclocomputer/Altimeter 3.11
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$ 150.00



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