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230 Clyde, Velocity A23 yes or no

Bought rear Chris King hub (classic) after selling parts on Ebay and now cannot decide on rims I have already. Lace up to Velocity 32h A23's or Deep V and what spokes to use (thinking double butted DT competition). 230 clyde and these wheels will be for all around use on my road bike. I don't h ... Read More »

(not so) Quick Review - Prowheelbuilder.com and Velocity A23

I was looking for a wider rim which is all the rage these days. I also wanted a sort of "classic" look for my new/old Sannino bike that I built up this summer. This means, I wanted silver rims of fairly low profile (not 30mm), silver hubs and silver, round spokes. Aside from wanting the aesthetic of ... Read More »

trouble w/ Velocity A 23 wheel

I had Spin Lite Cycling out of GA build me a wheel set and have been having trouble with the rear wheel staying true. I weigh in at 235 LBS and have logged over 1000 miles on my stock Mavic AKSIUM's with no problems at all. The build spec on the Velocity's are: Ultegra 36 H rear hub HB-6700 Bra ... Read More »

Velocity Std Road Hub: Disassembly question.

Heh everybody. first timer here. 1yr old Ibis silk sl, full 105, 2800 miles. me: 200 lbs. Velocity standard rear road hub. Need to swap out freehub due to the fact that the gears moved into the splines. First question: is this freehub likely a Shimano part or would this be a Shimano 'type'? p ... Read More »

Velocity A23 custom wheels VS Aksium

I'm currently riding a set Mavic Aksium Race wheels with 25mm tires and I'm considering upgrading to something a bit nicer. I'm intrigued by the new 23mm wide rims so I'm wondering if anyone can tell me, from experience if a23 wheels (24/28, radial/3x, double butted) would be a noticeable upgrade f ... Read More »


Velocity Product Categories


Road Front 0
0   Reviews
$ 86.00
Road Rear 0
0   Reviews
$ 158.00

Rim Strip

Rim Plugs 0
0   Reviews
$ 14.70


Aero Heat Rim 0
0   Reviews
$ 51.28
Deep V Machined 700c 0
0   Reviews
$ 56.00
Deep V Non Machined 700c Rim 0
0   Reviews
$ 55.00
Dyad Rim 0
0   Reviews
$ 51.28
Glider 0
0   Reviews
$ 89.00
Twin Hollow 3
1   Reviews
$ 0.00

Water Bottles/Cages

Water Bottle Cage 0
0   Reviews
$ 10.00

wheelsets - clincher

A23 Pro Build 5
1   Reviews
$ 795.00
Helios 4.5
4   Reviews
$ 0.00




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