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First Look: Velocity wheels targets cyclocrossers with Aileron disc brake wheels

Most exciting for cyclists who ride both mountain and cyclocross is the fact that you can convert the rear from 135mm rear spacing to 142mm to accommodate a rear thru axle—and swap between bikes.   Read More »

First Look: All-City Cycles unveils the Macho King - Reynolds 853 steel, disc brake cyclocross bike

This year at Frostbike, All-City promised to “unveil our latest ’cross creations to the world” and they didn’t disappoint.   Read More »

Video: The Birth of a Bicycle Rim

Check out this revealing video from wheel maker Velocity USA, which offers a beginning-to-end inside look at how a bicycle rim comes to life at its factory in Jacksonville, Florida. In just 66 seconds, you'll go from raw extrusion to complete rim ready-to-ship.   Read More »

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230 Clyde, Velocity A23 yes or no

Bought rear Chris King hub (classic) after selling parts on Ebay and now cannot decide on rims I have already. Lace up to Velocity 32h A23's or Deep V and what spokes to use (thinking double butted DT competition). 230 clyde and these wheels will be for all around use on my road bike. I don't h ... Read More »

(not so) Quick Review - Prowheelbuilder.com and Velocity A23

I was looking for a wider rim which is all the rage these days. I also wanted a sort of "classic" look for my new/old Sannino bike that I built up this summer. This means, I wanted silver rims of fairly low profile (not 30mm), silver hubs and silver, round spokes. Aside from wanting the aesthetic of ... Read More »

trouble w/ Velocity A 23 wheel

I had Spin Lite Cycling out of GA build me a wheel set and have been having trouble with the rear wheel staying true. I weigh in at 235 LBS and have logged over 1000 miles on my stock Mavic AKSIUM's with no problems at all. The build spec on the Velocity's are: Ultegra 36 H rear hub HB-6700 Bra ... Read More »

Velocity Std Road Hub: Disassembly question.

Heh everybody. first timer here. 1yr old Ibis silk sl, full 105, 2800 miles. me: 200 lbs. Velocity standard rear road hub. Need to swap out freehub due to the fact that the gears moved into the splines. First question: is this freehub likely a Shimano part or would this be a Shimano 'type'? p ... Read More »

Velocity A23 custom wheels VS Aksium

I'm currently riding a set Mavic Aksium Race wheels with 25mm tires and I'm considering upgrading to something a bit nicer. I'm intrigued by the new 23mm wide rims so I'm wondering if anyone can tell me, from experience if a23 wheels (24/28, radial/3x, double butted) would be a noticeable upgrade f ... Read More »

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Velocity Product Categories


Road Front 0
0   Reviews
$ 86.00
Road Rear 0
0   Reviews
$ 158.00

Rim Strip

Rim Plugs 0
0   Reviews
$ 14.70


Aero Heat Rim 0
0   Reviews
$ 51.28
Deep V Machined 700c 0
0   Reviews
$ 56.00
Deep V Non Machined 700c Rim 0
0   Reviews
$ 55.00
Dyad Rim 0
0   Reviews
$ 51.28
Glider 0
0   Reviews
$ 89.00
Twin Hollow 3
1   Reviews
$ 0.00

Water Bottles/Cages

Water Bottle Cage 0
0   Reviews
$ 10.00

wheelsets - clincher

A23 Pro Build 5
1   Reviews
$ 795.00
Helios 4.5
4   Reviews
$ 0.00




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