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Veloflex Master 25 to cure or to ride

[ATTACH=CONFIG]282936[/ATTACH] Got a pair of Veloflex Master 25mm clinchers. I wanted to try something different and "better" that GP4000's ride wise. Id like to know if curing this would get me better milage, puncture resistance. Right now i have the urge to just put them on and to hell with ... Read More »

Veloflex Corsa 25's

Just purchased a set of Veloflex Corsa 25's to put on my new 25mm wide carbon clinchers. I was reading the box and it states "do not use on carbon fiber rims". WTF, why would you not be able to use these on carbon fiber rims? :mad2:Read More »

Veloflex v's Vittoria Weight

For those who care I just had some tyres delivered and I thought I'd drop them on the scales. Vittoria Evo Corsa CX Tubular: claimed weight 250g. Tyre 1 - 247g Tyre 2 - 249g Veloflex Criterium Tubular: claimed weight 255g. Tyre 1 - 280g Tyre 2 - 287gRead More »

Opinions required - Vittoria vs Veloflex vs Michelin

Hi, I'm looking for a new set of tyres for my road bike and having only ridden Continental GP4000s and Schwalbe Ultremo ZX, I was looking for some advice/guidance/opinions. I appreciate that tyre choice is subjective, but I thought I'd throw open the question anyway. The choices I'm considere ... Read More »

Veloflex Extreme valve stem length

I have seen these advertised with 36mm valves some places and 42mm other places. Apparently, the length can be a bit random: [IMG]http://waywardcyclist.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/p1110204.jpg?w=620[/IMG] I'm considering the Extremes for a 33mm deep wheelset. Will I need extensions if I end up ... Read More »


Veloflex Product Categories

Tires - Clincher

Black Tire 4.55
20   Reviews
$ 45.00
Corsa 4.1
10   Reviews
$ 69.00
Master 0
0   Reviews
$ 46.54

Tires - Tubular

Arenberg 0
0   Reviews
$ 109.99
Carbon 5
4   Reviews
$ 76.00
Criterium 5
5   Reviews
$ 87.00
Extreme 0
0   Reviews
$ 111.99
Roubaix 5
4   Reviews
$ 76.00
Sprinter 0
0   Reviews
$ 111.00




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