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Kimmage Defense Fund Fraud? Interesting Velonews article

[url=http://velonews.competitor.com/2013/05/news/questions-over-funds-dog-twitter-personality-kimmage-backer_284500]Questions over funds dog Kimmage-backing Twitter personality[/url] [QUOTE]“I never got a look at the books,” Cohen said Wednesday. “In my opinion, and my attorney’s opinion, Aaron h ... Read More »

A Velonews.com carbon clincher rim article.........

Here ya go - [url=http://velonews.competitor.com/2013/03/bikes-and-tech/the-torqued-wrench/the-torqued-wrench-taking-on-the-carbon-clincher_277711]The Torqued Wrench: Taking on the carbon clincher[/url] My findings exactly.Read More »

Where is Velonews on Conti?

Even Foxnews, Bloomberg, and CNN have it on their front pages. Velonews? Nothing.Read More »

Strava - Technical Innovation of the Year (from velonews)

Pretty cool. [url=http://velonews.competitor.com/2011/12/news/from-the-pages-of-velo-the-2011-velo-awards-%E2%80%94-technical-innovation-and-technical-blunder-of-the-year_200122]From the pages of Velo: the 2011 Velo Awards[/url] Now if our little RBR group would get off their butts and get some mo ... Read More »

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