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2011 VeloNews and IMBA Calendars Are Now Available

Order Your 2011 Cycling and Mountain Biking Calendars Today! Boulder, CO, USA - VeloPress is pleased to announce the publication of 2011 calendars from VeloNews and the International Mountain Bicycling Association. The editors of VeloNews and staff of IMBA have selected the most beautiful and insp ...    Read More »

U.S. Cyclocross Nationals: Mud, Ruts and Pee Wee Pride

Three things gleaned from the first day of the U.S. Cyclocross National Championships in Boulder, Colorado: disc brakes work great, disc brakes don’t work great, and Pee Wee Herman skinsuits increase your popularity exponentially.    Read More »

Women’s Test Team: Women’s Bibshorts Review Winners

After hundreds — if not thousands — of miles of saddle time, our discerning team of testers have selected their favorites. Find out which was No. 1 and No. 2, which was best for $200 or less, and which was best for potty breaks.   Read More »

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Kimmage Defense Fund Fraud? Interesting Velonews article

[url=http://velonews.competitor.com/2013/05/news/questions-over-funds-dog-twitter-personality-kimmage-backer_284500]Questions over funds dog Kimmage-backing Twitter personality[/url] [QUOTE]“I never got a look at the books,” Cohen said Wednesday. “In my opinion, and my attorney’s opinion, Aaron h ... Read More »

A Velonews.com carbon clincher rim article.........

Here ya go - [url=http://velonews.competitor.com/2013/03/bikes-and-tech/the-torqued-wrench/the-torqued-wrench-taking-on-the-carbon-clincher_277711]The Torqued Wrench: Taking on the carbon clincher[/url] My findings exactly.Read More »

Where is Velonews on Conti?

Even Foxnews, Bloomberg, and CNN have it on their front pages. Velonews? Nothing.Read More »

Strava - Technical Innovation of the Year (from velonews)

Pretty cool. [url=http://velonews.competitor.com/2011/12/news/from-the-pages-of-velo-the-2011-velo-awards-%E2%80%94-technical-innovation-and-technical-blunder-of-the-year_200122]From the pages of Velo: the 2011 Velo Awards[/url] Now if our little RBR group would get off their butts and get some mo ... Read More »

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