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Review: Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40C Carbon Clinchers

Mavic’s new carbon clinchers deliver top-shelf braking performance and sexy aesthetics. But some will yearn for a wider rim profile and lower weight.   Read More »

Reynolds MV32C wheels

I've been on the Reynolds MV32C's for a about a month now and thought I would share a few impressions. Before I go any further I'll engage in some journalistic housekeeping - the bike studio I own is a Reynolds dealer. But since I get to make the call on what brands we carry, you can probably gues ...    Read More »

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cheapest place to get Velox?

My LBS and 1 online store have it at $5. Anywhere a little cheaper? I will get several.Read More »

Velox Track Bike from the '20s-30s on eBay

Happened to be in Piermont Bikes (NY) (pretty much the closest good store) and they had this Velox track bike made by a builder called Alvin Drysdale sitting up front. Glen told me it would be listed this week, and here's the eBay [URL="http://cgi.ebay.com/Velox-Vintage-Track-Bike-59cm_W0QQitemZ2804 ... Read More »

Velox Rim Strips

I ordered Velox rim strips along with my mountain bike wheels. Something has changed. There was no glue on the strips, and they were several inches too long. I remember not having any problem with the previous one. I am thinking of cutting them, then applying adhesive. Any input would be appreciatedRead More »

Velox Rim Tape Question

When your Velox tape is really, really old--and you can see (and feel) a depression over each spoke hole, where the cloth rim tape has been forced by years of high-pressure into the opening, is it time for new tape? Or is that just the way Velox is supposed to work (cushioning the transistion from ... Read More »

pieces of velox vs. uncut strip...

while i'm waiting for new tubes and skins for my newly arrived wheelset (Korso), i was thinking about rim strips. specifically, is there any value in cutting velox into pieces just large enough to cover the spoke holes, or am i just wasting my time? theoretically, i'd be reducing the rotating ... Read More »

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Velox Product Categories

Bar Tape

Tressostar 0
0   Reviews
$ 4.39

Rim Strip

Fond De Jante 0
0   Reviews
$ 72.00
Jantex Tubular Tape 0
0   Reviews
$ 11.99
Tape 4.33
3   Reviews
$ 3.99


Small Tubular Repair Kit 0
0   Reviews
$ 9.99




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