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Katie Compton of Spike Shooter wins CrossVegas

In the women’s race, Katie Compton (Spike Shooter ), Katerina  Nash (Luna Chix Racing Team) and Georgia Gould (Luna Chix Racing Team ) broke away from the field early. Compton stayed in control and took advantage of Gould’s mid-race mishap to keep the Luna riders separate. Compton then powered away ...    Read More »

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Estimate Sale Price??? and Paid Spam: Ventana El Martillo CX

So, I'm being forced (by debt) to sell the CX bike I put together. I'm looking for an estimate for a sale price from you guys, since I'm not sure what market value is on a bike like this. See the ad here: [url=http://classifieds.roadbikereview.com/showproduct.php?product=27243&cat=]Ventana El ... Read More »

My New Ride: Ventana El Martillo CX

I thought that I'd share some pictures of my new ride with you guys. This will also help people looking for technical details on this frame, since there aren't a lot of pictures out there of the Ventana El Martillo CX. Hopefully people looking for pics and build specs on google will see this one com ... Read More »

1st post: Q about Building up a cyclocross bike... Ventana, good parts, etc

So I'm new here, but not new to cycling. Been doing it, what, 10 years now? Except I've come across something, now, that I don't have much experience with. Here's the situation: I want to build up a cyclocross bike. Where I live, I have to ride through dirt and whatnot and don't want to be limi ... Read More »


You thought Ventana only made mountain bikes? I'll post some more pics later when the sun is shining.Read More »

Rides near Ventana Inn

My wife and I are taking some much needed downtime from the kids in August. We're looking at Ventana Inn down the coast. My wife likes to trail run and I ride cyclocross and road. Does anyone know if there are rides (either cross or road) that could conceivably start at or near the Ventana Inn? ... Read More »

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