Review: Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Mechanical Groupset

Top Shimano mechanical group delivers with supreme ergonomics, top braking and shifting performance.   Read More »

Interbike 2013: Mad Fiber Rolls Out Updated Road.2 Wheelset

New for 2013, the Mad Fiber Road.2 wheelset is a complete update to their introductory wheel models. As with its predecessor, the new wheels have 60mm front/66mm rear rim heights, come with no rider weight restrictions, and tip the scales at 1050g (tubular) and 1280g (clincher) per pair.    Read More »

Review: 3D Bikefit

You want your bike to fit great. You want to ride it fast. Should a trip to a bike fitter be on your to-do list? Can putting a few hours and few hundred bucks into a custom fit really make a big difference?   Read More »

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Tuning an Alfine8 with Versa shifters?

Hi, anyone got any tips on how to get this setup working perfectly. It's my first time using an Alfine8 hub and I can't get it into my biggest gear unless I push and hold the lever. The middle gears also randomly jump around a little too. Have followed the instructions from Versa however they are ve ... Read More »

Roof Rack - Nissan Versa?

Lounge Formality: Fits and Subarus can suck it.[wildebeest] My tax return was rather large due to my w4 being inaccurate and we bought a Versa to haul the baby monster around in. My old trunk rack won't work with this thing as it's a hatch. Anyone have a Versa with a nice roof0rack that c ... Read More »

Why do people favor a compact over a double or vice versa?

I'm just curious why some people like compacts (50/34) over standard doubles (53/39) or vice versa? I'm fairly new to road biking and really like the compact that is on my bike. I'm wondering what going to a standard double would do?Read More »

12-23 or 12-27 10 spd cassette conversion -- or vice versa?

looking for an inexpensive way to have two ranges: 12-23 for flatland WI where I live, and a 12-27 for riding in the hills. Looking at the ratios, it seems I could buy the 12-27, buy a separate 18 cog, take out the 27, and have a 12-24. Or I could get the 12-23, take out the 18, add a 27 bailout o ... Read More »

Changing cassette bodies on Easten Circuits, Shimano to Campy and vice versa

I presume I just need to get the cassette body and swap it out. I won't need to redish the wheel or use spacers, correct?Read More »

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