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WTB = Vetta Computer (the original Vetta Computer, circa 1988)

Hi All, Looking to try and get my hands on an original Vetta computer for a retro rebuild. The re-build is my original racing bike from the early 90's. It's a 653 frame with Ultegra running gear. I've got most parts now but I don't have a computer yet. I could use my current Polar computer, but t ... Read More »

did I buy a knock-off Vetta saddle?

Any retro fans out there that know enough about Vetta to tell me this: Did Vetta ever make the SL saddle (1993) with a vinyl cover? I thought all Vetta race saddles were leather. Backstory: I have '94 Vetta TriShock that fits really really well and is still in pretty good shape (leather and v ... Read More »

Mount Vetta V100 Wireless Speed Sensor on Chainstay?

I have read the reviews and understand the V100 (WL2X model) work for some but can be flakey for others. Lots of the wireless computers seem to have that kind of record. I'm about to find out for myself. Has anyone had luck mounting the wireless speed sensor on the chainstay and still get good ... Read More »

Vetta SL saddle

Can anyone out there tell me where I might find a new or like new Vetta SL saddle other than E-bay? I know they havn't been made for sometime but there must be some out there somewhere. Thanks for any information.Read More »

Any experience with Vetta VL110HR T2X

I am looking into the Vetta 110HR T2X which has the heart rate monitor, cadence and the other usual monitors. The vetta.com website shows nice features but I am not sure if this product is reliable or easy to use. I only found 1 user review on this computer. Anybody else has experience with this too ... Read More »


Vetta Product Categories


PathFinder Wireless 4.67
3   Reviews
$ 0.00
RT233 0
0   Reviews
$ 20.00
RT277 0
0   Reviews
$ 37.99
RT288L 0
0   Reviews
$ 48.00
RT550HDL 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
V100 WL2X 3.33
3   Reviews
$ 99.99
Vetta V100 Altitude 3.09
22   Reviews
$ 99.00
VL 110 HR WL 4
1   Reviews
$ 110.00
VL110 WL 0
0   Reviews
$ 60.00
VL110A Wireless 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00

Heart Rate Monitors

V100HR WL2X 3.4
5   Reviews
$ 120.00


Jupiter 0
0   Reviews
$ 99.99
Mecury 0
0   Reviews
$ 29.99
Neptune 0
0   Reviews
$ 49.99
0   Reviews
$ 49.99




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