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Vistalite charger on 240 volt DC current?

Do any of you know for a fact if the Visalite chargers work on 240 (I.E Irish/UK current) volts? I got one of the 5 watt halogens from a friend but the charger is American.Tried googling this but couldn't find an answer.Read More »

Vistalite Nightstick owners?

I just acquired a collection of Nightstick lamp heads, cables, chargers and other accessories, but only one battery. I lucked out and found that the battery from the older Vistalites (those funky ones that had the "focussing" reflectors, and hung beneath the handlebar) is compatible, but I'd like t ... Read More »

Rear lights: Vistalite Total Eclipse vs. Viewpoint Flashpoint

I recently picked up a couple new rear lights: a Vistalite Total Eclipse (7 LEDs) and a Viewpoint Flashpoint from Performance (9 LEDs). I turned them on side-by-side and was amazed at the difference. I am dogmatic about being highly visible on my bike at night. One reason my commuter bike has a ... Read More »





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