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Elite Fluid Primo Trainer Pro Review

The Elite Fluid Primo is a US only trainer that utilizes a fluid resistance unit with the company’s Elastogel 45mm diameter roller in their CRONO frame. They tout it as the smoothest, quietest and easiest to use trainer ever built. So I put it to the test. The preliminary impression of the unit i ...    Read More »

Christine Thorburn - Balancing Racing with being a Practicing Physician

By: Stephanie Gutowski An Awards Ceremony for the 2007 Northern California Women's Racing Series and the Lecture by an Outstanding Woman in Cycling were held on Sunday, January 13 in San Francisco by Bay Area Women's Cycling , which is an organization with the mission of improving the health and we ...    Read More »

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Maximum HR & VO2 max

Hello, I'm a 45 year old road cyclist and I've been riding on and off for 25 years. I'm getting more serious with my road riding, meaning I'd like to see what my potential is on the road by doing more specific training to increase speed and power. I've mostly done centuries in the past and plodde ... Read More »

VO2 Threshold/Max Session (lab)... worth the money and pain if...

A couple friends/club mates are going to do a session with a coach to assess their VO2 threshold. I've heard it's a ton of fun ;-) and it costs $150. Both of which I'm somewhat okay with, if I think I'll gain usable info. As background: I'm 45, don't road race but do mtn bike race - a consistent ... Read More »

VO2 Interval duration

I would like to improve my 2 to 4 minute power, and am starting to work on intervals for this power zone. Is it better to focus on 3 minute interval durations which I can do at a power right in the middle of VO2 Max power zone (10x3) for 60 minutes, then retest monthly and up the target power for ... Read More »

Do Hill Repeats Count as VO2 Max Intervals?

I have a great hill by my house that takes about 5 minutes to climb. It has 3 relatively steep sections the first being the most. I definitely go into full anaerobic just before the second steep section, and it hurts to finish the climb but I push it hard. Does this count as a VO2Max interval? Seems ... Read More »




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