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I think I made my decision - Volagi

I have researched and ridden many bikes, looked at everything from used to China sourced to Various brands. Got most serious about Parlee Z5 on closeout but they didn't have my size. Was about to get a Franco Kanan. Today I spent a couple of hours at Crank 2 in Pleasanton talking about Volagi. The o ... Read More »

Volagi trying to fund a new bike in a diffrent way

This popped up on face book and I thought it was a cool Idea. Volagi is that company that makes the disc brake road bikes that took on Spec. and beat them. Now they want to make a new adventure bike. So they are asking for help from the public. [url=http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/874048428/th ... Read More »

Volagi new steel version bike

just saw on Bicycle Times a report on volagi's new steel framed bike. pretty much like the carbon versions, disc brakes, seat stays/seat tube config. will be offered in two versions. one w/campy chorus, the other w/sram apex. made for distance riding, touring, commuting, etc. nice looking bike. just ... Read More »


anyone else tried one? interesting concept. sort of like a "fast tourer" in feel. [url]http://www.volagi.com/bikes[/url]Read More »

Volagi: The Will to Go

Volagi Liscio Translation: Smooth. carbon road bike with disc brakes.Read More »


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