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Fork swap: Math and Voodoo

I have a Surly Steamroller that makes for a pretty nice townie/lock-up bike. However, it lacks a bit of utility. I also have a [url=http://www.passstow.com/]Pass & Stow[/url] rack that is collecting dust in storage, waiting for a frame/fork that can accept it. It will only work on a fork with rac ... Read More »

2009 Voodoo Wazoo?

So I'm looking for a good commuting road bike and came across this cyclocross: [url=http://flagstaff.craigslist.org/bik/3076796038.html]2009 Voodoo Wazoo - 56cm - Cyclocross[/url] Dont know much about components and such (except that Shimano Ultegra components are really good?) So if someone ... Read More »

First fixed gear, first fixed metric century+, first VooDoo

Some Joe Murray love: Voodoo Maji frame. Total bike cost was about about $700.00 including throwing on that ugly fork I had laying around. I have a mate with a Reynolds Ouzo that should fit it better that im tossing on next weekend. Used it this past weekend for the first time, its break in ... Read More »

Voodoo Fire Half Marathon mountain race

I know I know its a mountain race. But I think some of you guys will enjoy it. I am racing mountain and road this season. And my friend talked me in to doing this race. Its a 44 mile race down in Pueblo Co. It kind of went all wrong right from the beginning. We drove down there Friday night and didn ... Read More »




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