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NAHBS in a Nutshell

Portland turned out to be an excellent host city for the Handmade Show. We flew in to Portland from LAX first thing Saturday morning, walked out the airport doors and stepped on to the waiting Max lightrail. A quick 40 minute train ride costing only $2 and we were dropped off at the Convention Cen ...    Read More »

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Fork swap: Math and Voodoo

I have a Surly Steamroller that makes for a pretty nice townie/lock-up bike. However, it lacks a bit of utility. I also have a [url=http://www.passstow.com/]Pass & Stow[/url] rack that is collecting dust in storage, waiting for a frame/fork that can accept it. It will only work on a fork with rac ... Read More »

2009 Voodoo Wazoo?

So I'm looking for a good commuting road bike and came across this cyclocross: [url=http://flagstaff.craigslist.org/bik/3076796038.html]2009 Voodoo Wazoo - 56cm - Cyclocross[/url] Dont know much about components and such (except that Shimano Ultegra components are really good?) So if someone ... Read More »

First fixed gear, first fixed metric century+, first VooDoo

Some Joe Murray love: Voodoo Maji frame. Total bike cost was about about $700.00 including throwing on that ugly fork I had laying around. I have a mate with a Reynolds Ouzo that should fit it better that im tossing on next weekend. Used it this past weekend for the first time, its break in ... Read More »

Voodoo Fire Half Marathon mountain race

I know I know its a mountain race. But I think some of you guys will enjoy it. I am racing mountain and road this season. And my friend talked me in to doing this race. Its a 44 mile race down in Pueblo Co. It kind of went all wrong right from the beginning. We drove down there Friday night and didn ... Read More »




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