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Ghibli and weyless rollers?

Does anybody have any experiences or comments on a Ghibli or Weyless rollers? I found a couple for sale, each for $75 and not sure if I should go for it. Some questions I have is: Are there ary problems with them, and how hard is it to find parts for them? Thanks for your time and helpRead More »

Weyless cranksets

Has anyone else noticed that the Weyless carbon cranksets have disappeared from the Supergo site? Did they discontinue the product line? Has anyone who has this crankset had problems with it? Seemed like a good deal, but who knows.Read More »

Weyless Korso wheelset now $84 at Supergo.

Thanks for the person who post the "Korso wheelset $125 ay supergo". I went down to Supergo and grep a pair and it's noe $84/pair. Hurry up people before they're gone. THe wheelset is identical to Performance titan. Yes, it seems to be build with good workmanship and quality. It's straight and tr ... Read More »

Weyless Korso wheelset now $125 at Supergo.

The wheels weigh 1750 grams/pair. I believe that the rim is the Velocity Aerohead and the hubs are probably made by formula. Picked upa pair this afternoon for my wife's bike, which she'll probably still not ride..Read More »

Weyless Carbon Forks??

I'm in the market for a fork to replace the one on my bike that is the incorrect rake. I've got a Specialized Zertz fork off of a Roubaix on my Chucksbikes Martec carbon frame (same as a Scattante CFR) and it's 49mm rake, on a frame that is meant for 43mm. I noticed that right now Supergo is selli ... Read More »





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