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The Angry Singlespeeder: This 4th of July, Buy Something American Made

So you want more American made products? Then start buying more American made products.   Read More »

Mad Fiber Carbon Road Wheels Review

Mad Fiber Carbon Road Wheels Review by Twain Mein $2599 MSRP, 4 year warranty 12 spoke front, 18 spoke rear full carbon tubular wheels 60mm front, 66mm rear rim height 1085 grams/pair. 430 grams front, 655 rear. 1980 grams/pair with tires and 13-29 cassette (1280 rear/ 700 front) White Indus ...    Read More »

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Wheelsmith ERD rods

So, I was measuring the ERD of a Gigantex 50mm carbon tubular rim for a customer last week. The manufacturer's ERD is 547.8, but I have a suspicion that that might be incorrect. These rims are usually drilled for internal nipples, but I ordered mine drilled for external nipples as this is what most ... Read More »

Wheelsmith spoke prep or spoke freeze?

Hey guys, so I'm starting to build more wheels for friends and family and was wondering what you wheel builders thought of the two. The shop I worked at used spoke freeze and linseed oil. Linseed was good for lightweight people but that's it. I had good luck with spoke freeze but it's more expensive ... Read More »

DT vs Sapim vs Wheelsmith

About to order spokes for a couple of builds. Which are nicer and why? These are for cross builds in case it matters. Nipples will match manufacturer of spokes. Looking at standard 14-15-14 db spokes with brass nipples. Price is a concern and it appears Wheelsmiths are the cheapest but not by ... Read More »

DB Revolution vs Wheelsmith DB15

I mean DT revolution... I can get either for a reasonable price. What are the other pros / cons, especially as far as the 15 gauge elbow of the Wheelsmith is concerned in a hub where 14 gauge spokes were previously used for a few thousand miles. Are 2mm washers necessary with the 15 gauge s ... Read More »

Cheap source 4 Wheelsmith spokes?

Can anyone recommend the cheapest source for Wheelsmith DB spokes? Peter White has them for cheap, but the shipping cost from NH to AZ makes the purchase expensive.Read More »

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